We’re happy to announce that we have moved to our BRAND NEW office at 1051 Solano Avenue!

We're still in our same beloved neighborhood, just down the street by San Pablo Avenue.

We’re excited to see you again in our new space, designed to enhance our comprehensive care of your eyes. If there’s anything we can help you with, please give us a call or text at 510-526-3937.

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Solano EyeCare is all about giving you the best possible eye care experience.  We combine our dedication with state of the art technology to monitor your vision and eye health.  Our skilled team loves building relationships with our patients to provide the highest standard of personalized care, from exceptional vision testing to incredible eyewear and thorough medical eye care services.  

Solano EyeCare provides care for patients of all ages, starting with those first critical eye health and vision function evaluations for your little ones.  We go over strategies to prevent vision strain in children and adults.  Providing ocular medical services such as same day eye emergency care, macular degeneration diagnosis, glaucoma monitoring, and pre and post operative care, we can ensure you're getting the care you need.  Patients throughout the bay area come to Solano EyeCare because they know they will receive the personal attention and professional care that is our foundation.  

Meet The Staff

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr. Ruth J.

    Dr. Ruth J. Chen received both her optometry doctorate and bachelor’s degree in molecular cell biology at UC Berkeley. Dr. Chen is glaucoma certified and is a member of the California Optometric Association, Alameda Contra Costa Counties Optometric Association, and American Optometric Association. She loves being involved with her alma mater and has served on the board for the UC Berkeley Optometry Alumni Association. Her clinical experience includes primary care, ocular disease management, and specialty contact lenses including scleral lenses and myopia management contacts such as corneal refractive therapy and MiSight lenses. Having two boys of her own, Dr. Chen is especially passionate about children's vision and eye health and the importance of early childhood eye exams to give children the best opportunity for learning.

  • Dr. P. Harold

    Dr. Woodring received his optometry doctorate at the UC Berkeley School of Optometry. He has been in private practice for over 35 years. A member of the American Optometric Association and the UCB Optometry Alumni Association, Dr. Woodring also dedicated years teaching at the Berkeley School of Optometry.

  • Dr. Bonnie

    Dr. Bonnie Ho received her optometry doctorate at the UC Berkeley School of Optometry. Having also completed her bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley in molecular cell biology with an emphasis in neurobiology, Dr. Ho has come to know and love this East Bay community. Her clinical experience includes primary care, ocular disease management, and contact lenses. Dr. Ho is glaucoma certified and is a member of the California Optometric Association, Alameda Contra Costa Counties Optometric Association, and American Optometric Association. She enjoys giving back to her community by leading and organizing optometric service trips for the nonprofit, See the Lord.

  • Dr. Denise

    Dr. Denise Tirado was raised in the Cantaloupe Center of the World — Mendota, CA. She attended UC Davis for her undergraduate career where she received a Bachelor of Arts in fashion design! Dr. Tirado always had an interest in sewing; however because she grew up in a rural community, she wanted to give back and help others, which led her to pursue a career in optometry. Dr. Tirado not only attended UC Berkeley Optometry School for her doctor of optometry degree, but also completed her residency program there in Primary Care and Community Health Optometry. Her clinical experience includes primary care, ocular disease management, and soft contact lenses. Dr. Tirado is glaucoma certified and is a member of the California Optometric Association, San Francisco Optometric Society, and American Optometric Association. When Dr. Tirado isn’t seeing patients in the office she enjoys running, indoor cycling, and sewing a new project. ¡Doctora Tirado también habla Español y le encantaría examinar sus ojos en su próximo examen!

  • Kim
    Office Manager

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  • Claudia

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  • Ida
    Optometric Assistant

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  • Shawna
    Optometric Assistant

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

    Been my spot for eye care for two years and a half, their stuff incredibly professional and nice. Their equipment is on top of the technology and their ophthalmologists are savvy and well prepared. They truly do care for their customers, and that's why they're my eye doctors and I've referred people to them.

    Jennifer F.

    I came to Solano EyeCare with an old pair of my mother's reading glasses.  The technician fixed them in a couple of minutes.  They could not have been nicer!  I will go there when I need optical assistance.

    ABE E.

    I had a great experience at Solano Eye Care, both with my exam and buying glasses and sunglasses from Roger. He obviously takes a great deal of pride in providing excellent, personal service. I appreciate that he asks you to make an appointment for selecting and fitting frames so that he has the time to do it right. I've bought frames from other opticians and from Warby Parker, but this was a much more satisfying experience all around.

    David B T.

    I first went to an optical shop across the street, but the owner was in a rush to get out of his store because the weather had been unseasonably hot that day.  So I walked over to Solano EyeCare, where their A/C was pleasantly cool, and received a warm greeting.  I asked if they could help fix my sunglasses by replacing a screw that had fallen off.  Roger was attentive and friendly, disappeared for a short while, then came back with my sunglasses fixed, and shined up.  He did this for free, and with a smile.  The man deserves a raise!  Awesome customer service!

    Sharon L.

    I have been coming to this specific place for over 10 years.  I always leave very satisfied.  Dr Ruth always takes her time to explain in details what is going on with the diagnoses.  I highly recommend this place. I am a person Who gets mad easily over little thing. but for 10 years Solano place failed to make me mad.  Dr Ruth, thank you for caring.  5 star plus.

    Abe R.

    I've been going to Dr. Woodring since 1994, and have had nothing but positive experiences. He has always taken the time to get the prescription right, and - since I have an astigmatism in one eye, getting thing as close as possible with contact lenses is difficult. I would recommend them without hesitation.

    Lucia B.

    Didn't get serviced myself, but I was in the waiting room while my girlfriend was getting an eye test. Multiple people came by and got helped immediately and left very happy.

    Abhay V.

    A caring staff that went way beyond my expectations to help!

    Joan H.


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